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Name of Activity:

PACER Test Practice

Purpose of Activity:

To have students practice the PACER test of the Cooper FitnessGram Test.

Activity cues:

Pace yourself, no need to sprint


Students need to have heard the cadence that is on the cassette tape. It will get them used to how long the intervals are.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

PACER cassette tape from the Cooper Institute (FitnessGram Test), Cassette player, Enough space to set up the 20M course, Cones, Batons (optional)

Description of Idea

Have students get into groups of 3 or 4. Split the group and have them facing each other at the distance of 20M. Designate which student will start the jog/run (give that person the baton or they can slap hands when they get to their partner). This works like a shuttle run with one student at a time crossing to the other side when they hear the "beep" from the PACER Tape. On the next "beep" the next student crosses back over. Their goal is to get to the other side before they hear the next "beep". Count the number of times students go back and forth as a group. As time goes on the time between beeps gets shorter and shorter. Encourage the team to continue achieving as many levels of the tape as possible (see the FitnessGram test for details). When a student does not make it to their partner before the beep comes then it is time to cease the count. They can rest and start again.


Students can start off with a "speed" walk if they chose, progress to sliding or skipping and finally jogging.

Start with larger groups and then diminish the team numbers down to 3. Students should be ready to take the test by themselves at that point.

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Submitted by Mary Beth Zolli who teaches at Zion-Benton Township High School in Zion, IL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/22/2001.

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My name is Emilie I go to school and everyone runs the pacer from fourth grade and up. For me and all the girls my age we have to run 9 pacers. I feel like the girls are being under estimated. The boys my age have to run 30. I can run more than that and most of the girls i know can run more than 9. I think that the girls deserve to have the bar set higher.

Megan Khorashadi

If you keep practicing throughout the sumer or whenever you get the chance you will keep getting better at it because you're used to the test .


This is an excellwent thing for students. I hated them as a high schooler but thnks to pacers i have stronger legs and can susitain a workout longer without getting tired. NOw i have sexy abs and leg muscle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PACER Test Practice