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Name of Activity:

Fire Safety Skills Tag

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose is to have the students practice their fire safety skills of stop, drop and roll, as well as moving low (crawling) through a low organized tag game.


An introduction to basic fire safety practices.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

3 Yellow pinnies, 4 fluff balls(2 red, 2 blue)

Description of Idea

I always play this game during National Fire Safety Week which is in October. Begin by having a short discussion about fire safety practices(the importance of smoke detectors, having a plan to get out of the building/house, crawling under smoke, stop/drop/roll if clothes are on fire, etc). Then, I introduce the game. Choose 3 people to wear the pinnies. They are the friendly firemen. Then choose 4 taggers--2 have a red ball(fire) and 2 have a blue ball(smoke). The taggers chase the students and say "Fire!" if they are tagging with the red ball and "Smoke!" if tagging with blue(the students being tagged may not always see what color they have been tagged by). If tagged by red/fire the student needs to stop, drop and roll. If tagged by blue/smoke, the student needs to crawl. They do this until a "friendly fireperson" comes to help them up. Then, they are saved and can run again.

Assessment Ideas:

Look to see that the students are doing the stop, drop and roll and crawling properly. Also, the taggers can help monitor if they are doing the appropriate response to the color they are tagged by.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

1. Have the tagger help them 2. Assign a "buddy" to help them when tagged(switch buddies periodically).

Submitted by Colleen Miller who teaches at Green Elementary School in West Bloomfield, MI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/15/2007.
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Fire Safety Skills Tag

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