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Name of Activity:

Olympic Volleyball Skills Station Practice

Purpose of Activity:

To review the volleyball pass, set, serve, and volleyball footwork.


Volleyball pass - ready position, "Mine!" freeze to the target

Volleyball set - left-right footwork, hands by hairline on forehead, thumbs pointing toward eyes

Volleyball serve (underhand) - opposite foot forward, ball in non-favorite hand in front of favorite foot, shoulders forward, hit the ball out of hand without tossing it

Footwork - passing ready position (shuffle to the ball on balls of feet), setting ready position (right foot slightly in front, knees bent, left-right pattern)

Wall sets - Students start at the wall an arms-length away. Students practice just their hands to the set by doing mini sets at the wall 25 times. After 25 are completed, do the same task stepping one step back.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Volleyball net, volleyballs (enough for half or more of the students), hula hoops (12~5 gold (golden rings for the wall), 7 multi-colored for serving game), poly spots (several), mini cones, noodles/domes (attached to each other-14).

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Description of Idea

Students are divided up between the five stations. The gym is split in half cutting a basketball court in half with the center line splitting it into two. While you are teaching you are moving around looking to see if they are performing the cues as explained above. We are always giving feedback about how to do the skill as opposed to focusing on the outcome of the station.

Station 1: Passing/Setting to the Olympic Rings taped to the wall about 8-10 feet from the ground (3 rings on the top row and 2 on the bottom row). Students pass the ball from 8-10 feet away from the wall and aim for the rings. Students pass 5 balls to the wall and no matter if they make it into the hoops or not, set the ball down at the station and rotate to station 2.

Station 2: Serving (underhand or overhand) to the hoops laid on the ground on the opposite side of the net. Students start by finding a poly spot that is laid on the floor (have spots staggered so some are closer and some are at the serving line). Students serve the ball to the hoops (Olympic Rings) and retrieve the ball going around the outside of the court, bringing the ball back to the poly spots, setting the ball down on a spot and rotation to Station 3.

Station 3: Alpine skiing working on volleyball footwork and a phantom pass. Students work on shuffling in the passing ready position (alpine skiing position). Students shuffle through the "gates" which are the noodles attached to domes standing on the ground and complete a phantom pass at each gate. Each noodle/dome is about 3 feet from the other noodle/dome. These noodles/domes are standing on the ground in pairs and the pairs form a zigzag pattern from the sideline of the basketball court to the other sideline of the court. Once they "ski" to the other side they come back across that half of the court doing the activity at Station 4.

Station 4: Skiing moguls working on setting footwork. Poly spots are spread out in a zigzag pattern about 5 feet from each other. Students hustle to a dot and do the left-right-freeze footwork while bringing hands up quickly at the dot before hustling to the next dot and doing the same. Once the student has reached the last mogul, they proceed to station five.

Station 5: Wall sets. Students are standing on poly spots about an arms-length away from the wall. Students practice their mini-sets close to the wall. After they have completed 25 sets, place the volleyball on a spot and sprint to station one which is located at the other end of the gym.

*Make sure the students hustle between stations and are calling the ball (Mine!) after every pass, set, and every phantom pass/set during the alpine and moguls.

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Assessment Ideas:

Incorporate a checklist at a particular skill and assess while they are performing the task (e.g., Check the students off while watching them serve, do passing/setting footwork, wall sets, etc.).

Submitted by Krista Braun in La Crosse, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/16/2006.
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Olympic Volleyball Skills Station Practice

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Can you expand on what the setting footwork is? Left Right Freeze?

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I loved this! Modified it a little bit for my unit objectives but this was awesome! Thanks!


This was great for my 6th grade girls class. It was a fun way to work on the skills. They got really into the "Olympic Games" set up around the gym!


can you make up a sport that doesnt have alot of stuff you need for it?

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