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Name of Activity:

Aerobic Frisbee Golf

Academic content:

Math and Science

Purpose of Activity:

For students to work cooperatively together as a team and to accurately throw a frisbee. In addition, it allows students to learn about fitness components and diffrent systems of the human body.


Lessons in frisbee throwing, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, or fitness components you are trying to teach.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Hula hoops (six per team); Fitness Task Card (one per team); 1 frisbee per team; Jump Ropes, one for each participant (depending on execersizes on task cards); Cones or poly spots.

Physical activity:

Frisbee throwing and fitness activites

Description of Idea

In the gym or on a field set out 6 mini-golf courses with the hula hoops. For example, place one line of hula hoops zig-zagged 10 yards apart. Inside each hula hoop place a hole number and a cardio fact inside. Mark each course with a cone/or poly spot at the beginning and place the fitness task card on this spot. All six courses are identical. Split the class up into teams of 2-4, one to two teams line up behind each course.

Each team member throws the frisbee to the first "hole". After the frisbee is thrown the entire team runs to where it landed on the majority of throws. If the team did not make the shot, they throw again until it lands inside the hole. After each throw the team must run to the frisbee. Once the frisbee is inside the hole, the thrower picks up the fact card and reads it to the team. If they are learning about aerobic endurance the card might say,

"An important job of the heart and lungs during exercise is to supply oxygen to the muscles. As a group perform the exercise below that is most likely to require the heart and lungs to continuously supply oxygen to the muscles." Then list "3 push-ups" "10 jumping jacks".

Then a new thrower is picked and they repeat this pattern for the next 5 holes. New throwers each time.

Once the team has finished Card Six they sprint back to the beginning cone. As a team they read the fitness task card and perform task one. If it reads "Can your team do 150 jumping jacks?", they divide the number of team players by 150 and they each do that many. (e.g., 5 players mean 30 jumping jacks each). After they finish the fitness task they continue with the frisbee course. Repeating the same pattern except when they run back to the cone they perform fitness task 2. If it reads, "Can each member of your team do 10 push-ups?" Then explain to them each of them needs to try to do 10 push-ups. The students need to comprehend the difference between 'your team' and 'each'. Your team signifies a division problem, where each signifies an individual task. If there is remainder round up.


Variations for older kids 7-8 would be to let them "problem solve" on their own. For example, they should be able to recognize that if the card says your team then they divide number of exercises by their player number.

For younger kids you can decrease the distance from hole to hole.

Assessment Ideas:

After my students complete a course, meaning they have read each card six times, they answer an aerobic fact sheet in their exercise journals. Each question asked corresponds with the hole number and each team is permitted to work on the sheets as a team. However, no more "research" is allowed to be done after the journals have been passed out. I always ask a question that relates to them and the activity. Like, what is your favorite sport that builds your aerobic endurancce this encourages lifelong physical activity.

Submitted by Katy Laws who teaches at Dana Elementary School in Dana, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/12/2002.
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Aerobic Frisbee Golf

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This seems like such a great twist on the regular frisbee golf. I have a hard time getting my classes to keep their heart rates up during frisbee golf. I am going to give your suggestions a shot. I love the assessment!

austin foster

i love frisbee golf. It is so fun but hard

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