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Name of Activity:

Shadow Tag

Purpose of Activity:

To allow young children the opportunity to explore the skills of chasing and fleeing.

Suggested Grade Level:

Pre K

Materials Needed:

A sunny day!

Description of Idea

This activity requires plenty of space and lots of sunshine! Have the children pair up and then find a good space in general space with their partner. Designate one child as the "walker" and the other the "tagger."

Ask the children to find their shadows. On the signal "go" the tagger tries to "tag" the "walker" by stepping on his or her shadow. Have the children switch roles and continue playing.

Teaching Suggestions:

  • You may have to explain the importance of trust and honesty to help make this game fun and active.
  • To eliminate touching (and possibly knocking a child down) the tagger should shout "caught" when stepping on the partner's shadow.
  • Have the kids say "gotcha" when they tage the shadow.

Submitted by Carol Totsky Hammett who teaches at St. Francis School in Bend, OR. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/3/2008.
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Shadow Tag

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