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Name of Activity:

Ice cream "Scoops"

Purpose of Activity:

To give students maximum opportunities to practice catching.

Activity cues:

"Watch and reach!"

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

One scoop and object for every student. Less-skilled students may wish to use yarn balls; more-skilled students may find wiffelballs more of a challenge.

Description of Idea

Have students gather around you. As a set induction, ask how many students have ever been to an ice cream parlor? Introduce your "ice cream scoop" (scoop) and "ice cream" (object), and demonstrate your first trick, the "single scoop" (a gentle toss and catch). Note they will have to "watch and reach" to catch the object, as sometimes it won't be where you want it to be in order to catch it! Also note that whenever you say "ice cream" during the lesson, they will need to gently put their scoop and object down and look and listen.

After distributing scoops and objects, have each student find a self space and begin practicing the "single scoop". Give feedback as you observe. Additional challenges that can be used include:

* Flying ice cream: underhand toss the ball against a wall. Can you scoot backwards and still have the ball hit the wall?

* Banana split: turn scoop sideways and toss and catch.

* Ice cream dump truck: turn scoop over, dump ice cream and then catch.

* Double scoop: underhand toss and catch with a partner.

* Ice cream twist: toss the ball up, turn around 360 degrees, and catch it.

Allow students to create and name their own tricks, and then teach their trick to a partner. After both partners have taught and practiced their trick, have students switch so that they end up learning the tricks of three or four partners.


If students are having trouble catching allow the ice cream to bounce more than once.

Assessment Ideas:

Observe to see whether students are able to consistently "watch and reach".

Teaching Suggestions:

Allow students to switch the object they use to catch.

For a portfolio entry, have students write the name of their "trick" down, and then draw and/or describe how to perform this trick.

Submitted by Lauren Lynch who teaches at Rodeph Sholom Day School in N.Y., NY. Additional authors for this idea were none. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/1/2005.
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Ice cream "Scoops"

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adam from sk

what a bad idea... just kidding its awesome i shall do this with my friends and my teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!11
great idea guys love u :D

Carolyn B

Wonderful idea. I will use this with my kinder class today but will use bean bags instead of balls. I think they will really get into the idea of scooping ice cream :)


i thought this was a game???????? i dont really want to read about how you scoop ice cream!!!!!!!


What a neat idea!

Philip Crabbe

I think the idea is awesome. Little kids would love the ice cream idea and practicing with the waffle balls would be a good challenge for this particular activity.

Great people are putting up great lessons on this wonderful site that I've been using for six years between teaching and university. Thanks so much.

Phil Crabbe
St. Patrick's Alexandra School
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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