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Name of Activity:

Valentine Tag

Purpose of Activity:

To have students engaged in a fun warm up fitness tag game that incorporates a valentine's theme.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

2-4 Small Foam balls (preferably red), Valentine's Day cards, basket to place cards in

Description of Idea

Establish clear boundaries for the game and set up a basket outside the boundaries that contain various Valentine's Day cards (The Valentine cards I used were the ones the kids hand out on Valentines day). Then selct 2-4 students to hold the red foam balls - they are the taggers. Ask students to walk first and then incorporate different locomotor skills. If a student gets tagged by a person with a red foam ball, he/she must assume the shape of a valentine with hands held in a heart shape over their head, feet together. To get back in the game a student who is free runs to the basket, gets a Valentines Day card and reads it to the frozen person. Once it is read the person who read it puts it back in the basket. The frozen person is now free to get back in the game.


With the younger children I had them complimenting each other instead of using the valentines. They said things such as "I like your smile", or "Have a great day", etc.

Submitted by Minni  Ackerman in Paramus , NJ . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/25/2001.
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Valentine Tag

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Mike Ogle

This was an excellent idea for a lesson. A second grade teacher explained that they wanted to combine specials on Valentines Day and have the students rotate between specials at 15 minute intervals.In the gym we played the Valentine Tag game. We did go with 'walk' or 'hop' to minimize bumps and bruises.

Martha Chase McCarthy

I used anti-bullying messages on my valentines.
Then we could discuss friendships as our wrap up.

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