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Name of Activity:

MyPlate Shuffle

Purpose of Activity:

To have students better understand the MyPlate diagram, the five food groups, and what foods are part of each group.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

MyPlate Cling Place mats (or make your own MyPlate mats), cut out pictures of different foods or fake food items, basketballs, hockey sticks and pucks, badminton racquets and birdies, soccer balls, lacrosse sticks and balls, cones, baskets. MyPlate Shuffle Assessment Sheet

Description of Idea

Students begin class with a lecture about MyPlate. Students will be informed about each food group and what foods are considered healthy foods for each group. Students will be shown the MyPlate place mats that will be used in each group. Teacher should make sure that each food group is labeled on the MyPlate place mat. Teacher should give one food example to help class understand where to place food items.

Students will then be placed into groups of 2-3 students ((5-7 groups works best). Each group will have the same MyPlate place mat which is labeled. Each group will be given a set of 5 foods (pictures, fake food, etc). Each group should have different food items than the other groups. Each group will also have a different manipulative activity, such as dribbling basketball through cones, dribbling soccer ball through cones, dribbling hockey puck with stick through cones, hitting birdies with badminton racquet into baskets and tossing ball with lacrosse sticks into goals.

Each group will work together to place the food items onto the correct food group of MyPlate. Once the group thinks they are correct they raise hand for teacher to check. If each group has all foods correct then they move on to the manipulative activity that is at their 1st group. If the students are not correct then the teacher shares advice or clues to help them come to the correct answers.

Once all groups are correct and have had time to perform manipulative activity as well, then they will switch to the next group which will have different food items than the group they just left. Then repeat the process. Once all groups have been to each station then students can take a the MyPlate Shuffle Assessment at end of class.


The groups could do the manipulative activity while they wait for the teacher to check their answers.

Assessment Ideas:

Students will take the MyPlate Shuffle Assessment at the end of class to assess individual student understanding.

When done the teacher could come by and check for correctness. If not correct the students keep trying and if correct they win the round.

Teaching Suggestions:

The students could do their activity first and at the end of the line of cones is a bucket. The bucket would be different foods. The student picks one and comes back to the group and places it in the right category. Once a student comes back then the next would go until the team has filled up their plate. The team mates not running should be doing some sort of cardio as well.

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MyPlate Shuffle

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