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Name of Activity:

Superhero Field Day

Purpose of Activity:

To give the students a chance to cooperate with their team and accomplish various physical activity tasks tied to a Superhero theme.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

The materials for the field day are located on the last page of Superhero Lesson Plan Document (PDF)

Other materials / documents you will need:

Superhero Lesson Plan Document (PDF) (lists the information teachers needed to know for field day to be a success and equipment list for each station)
Superhero Field Day Station Signs (PDF) (printed these signs off for each station)
Superhero Field Day Starting Station Sign (PDF) (emailed to teachers so they would know what station they begin at, how to rotate, and the approximate times the whistle would sound.)
Superhero Set Up Power Point for Demo (PowerPoint) (used to show teachers and students the events) (PDF Version)
An iMovie was made for teachers and students to watch prior to the field day so they understood what they had to do at each station and time wasn't wasted on giving directions--this was done in addition to the Power Point you see above.

Description of Idea

Click here for a more detailed PDF version of this Field Day Idea

Teachers were asked to divide their class up into 4 teams and have students wear a t-shirt that corresponds with their team color. The team should ALWAYS line up near their color cone or bucket. The classes will rotate from station to station every 13 minutes. Students will stay with their class for the whole event.

Superman - blue
Spiderman - red
Batman - yellow
Hulk - green

Station 1 - Aquaman Relay
The team with the MOST water in their container at the end wins. Students line up behind a bucket full of water. The first person dips the sponge into the bucket then passes the wet sponge over their head to the next person in line, who then passes the sponge under their legs to the next person. It continues in this fashion (over/under) all the way to the end of the line. When the last person gets the sponge, they run to a bucket and squeeze the water out, then run back to the start to dip the sponge again. (Students shouldn’t squeeze the sponge on each other!)

Station 2 - Concession stand:
Students can purchase food and drink items from concession stand.

Station 3 - Spidey obstacle course
Students line up behind their starting cone. On a signal they run to a bat and turn around 5 times, drop the bat, run through the hula hoops like tires, then pick up a racquet and ball and bounce the ball on the racquet 10 times, put racquet/ball down. They then run to a pool and fill water canon, aim at the milk jug and knock it down. Students should pick up milk jug and run to teams colored soccer ball station, dribble the soccer ball in zig-zag pattern through the cones, at the end pass the ball back to the helper and then throw the football through the hoop so the next person can go.

Station 4 - Phone Booth Dress-up
It is important for a superhero to conceal your true identity. In this activity you students race to box, put on the disguise and then run to a phone booth to change into another disguise. Then, run back to the box to deposit your disguise, high 5 the next person to go.

Station 5 - Kryptonite Clean-Up
Superman is not affected by anything, but kryptonite is his greatest weakness! The object of the activity is to get rid of all the kryptonite without touching it with your hands. Use a scoop and your foot to pick up one piece of kryptonite (ball) and deposit in your teams bucket. The team with the most kryptonite at the end of the time limit wins.

Station 6 - Captain America Shield Throw
Each team member will toss four hula hoops to ring a target. Students score their throw and share it with the team. The team with the most points wins.

Station 7 - Ninja turtle pizza box relay
Students will line up behind their color cone and on a signal race through a cone course (zig-zag) with pizza boxes in their hand (do not help keep them up with any other body part). Students have to jump over a hurdle and then return to their team weaving through the cones, hand the boxes to next person to go.

Station 8 - Incredible sack relay
Students will line up behind teams cone. The first person gets in bag and on a signal they hop around a cone and back to team. Please do not help others out of the bag and keep two hands on the bag when hopping.

Station 9 - Iron man corn hole
Students stand at opposite cornhole boards across from their partner. Each team should have 4 bean bags to start game. Rock, paper, scissors determines which team throws first. Begin by underhand tossing a cornhole bag at the opposite platform. Teams will alternate throws until all 8 cornhole bags have been thrown. Teams then count the points scored during the round. After scoring, the teams on the opposite end will then take their turns in the same manner. The team scoring the most points in the previous round will throw first to start the turn.

Play continues until either team reaches the 21 points or time is up.

* A bag in the hole scores 3 points
* A bag landing on the platform scores 1 point
* A bag landing off the platform scores 0 points

Station 10 - Flash 40 yard dash
6 students should line up on the track, starter says on your marks, get set, go.

Submitted by Jill Strainer who teaches at Gilbert Elementary School in Gilbert, SC. Additional authors for this idea were Kyle Lynch. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/12/2015.
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Superhero Field Day

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