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Name of Activity:

Wax Museum Creative Movement

Purpose of Activity:

The students will exercise by moving in creative ways to the music and posing in creative ways when the music stops.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:


Description of Idea

1. Tell the students to move when the music is on and freeze when the music stops. Play music, and then stop the music. Do this several times just to make sure they have the concept. The students will probably walk, jog and run as their form of movement.

2. Now tell them to do the same thing, but this time, they are not allowed to walk, jog or run as a form of movement. Do a few more rounds of music on and off and observe how they move. They will probably do other common movements like crawling, hopping, skipping, etc.

3. Do a few more rounds, but continue to eliminate common forms of movement. This will cause them to use their imagination and creativity to move in ways they may have never tried before. Of course, remind them to be safe and not bump into others or walls.

4. Sit the class down for a brief rest. While resting, discuss the concept of a wax museum. Explain that a wax museum is a museum full of wax figures. People pay money to enter the museum and view the figures.

5. Tell them we are going to pretend the gym is a wax museum. The wax figures come to life when they hear music and they go back to being wax figures when the music stops. Tell them that wax figures don't move like humans when they come to life, so they can't walk, jog, run, hop, skip or do any other common human movements.

6. Do a few more rounds of music on and off and observe the interesting ways they move and pose.

7. Make sure you tell them that their poses should be entertaining, so the people who purchased a ticket to enter the wax museum find it to be a rewarding experience, not boring.

8. Summarize at the end of the lesson by telling the students they danced, because dance is simply moving creatively.


Have students explore the elements of movement (levels, pathways, tempo, force, etc.)

Assessment Ideas:

Observe as the students move. Are they creating their own ways of moving? It is easy to assess the students all throughout this lesson. You can see if the students are performing common movements like walking, jogging, running, hopping, skipping, etc. or if they are creating new ways to move.

Teaching Suggestions:

This lesson is a great introductory dance lesson. It gets kids moving to music without even realizing they are dancing. They generally don't feel embarrassed, because they are all moving around at the same time and nobody is watching anyone else.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

This is a fantastic lesson for all children. I have students with disabilities in my classes and they participate in this lesson with no special accommodations, even children who are wheelchair bound.

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Wax Museum Creative Movement

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