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Name of Activity:

Muscles and Bones Warm up

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Powerpoint, computer and projection screen or Smartboard.
Muscles and Bones Workout PDF
Muscles and Bones Workout PowerPoint

Description of Idea

This is a warm up activity where the students perform a movement while trying to identify muscles and bones of the body. The students will read the movement on the screen and then try to identify the muscle or bone on the screen.

Teaching Suggestions:

Read aloud for the student or modify the movements.

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Submitted by Jeff Tiedeman who teaches at Diamond Canyon School in Anthem, AZ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/15/2013.

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Kayla Clark

Love the powerpoint, I will share it with my 5th grade teachers to use in the general ed. classroom as well. I have to admit, the "HOP on TWO FEET" bugged me too, so I changed it to JUMP, easy to do in a Powerpoint. Now if we could just change the Bunny Hop to the Bunny Jump....Thanks for the great idea, Jeff!

Amy Nieuwenhuis

Nice idea, but in the slide show it really made me sad to see that the creator of this wrote, "HOP ON TWO FEET". UGH, that would be a jump, not a hop, which is done on one foot.