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Name of Activity:

Lesson on Feelings

Purpose of Activity:

Students will show a variety of feelings using body language and using words to express the different emotions.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

pencil and paper assessment for each student

Description of Idea

Talk about feelings and emotions with students (sad/happy/surprised/angry/tired/scared). Ask students about certain events that have happened that have made them feel these emotions. Sometimes we can tell people are feeling these emotions because of their body language - by looking at them and other times people use words to tell us how they are feeling
Students can take turns with a partner using body language to show different feelings and their partner will guess which feeling they are pretending to use.

Then students can use words to tell their partner times when they have been scared/surprised/happy, etc.

Assessment Ideas:

For 2nd graders you can add to the assessment a question where the students write down someone they trust to talk about their feelings.

Teaching Suggestions:

Mental & Emotional Health Lesson

(on a word document use clip art to have an angry face, a surprised face, a sad face, and a happy face in the middle of the page)

directions for Students:

-Circle the face that is angry
-Put an ‘x’ through the face that is surprised
-Underline the face that is happy
-Draw an arrow to the sad face

Submitted by Katie Wesseling who teaches at Frisbie Elementary School in Wolcott, CT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/31/2012.
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Lesson on Feelings

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I've done similar lessons with elementary students. Rather than use the word document with clip art, I like to step outside the classroom and then re-enter acting out a new emotion. Students guess how I'm feeling. I continue to step out of the door and re-enter the room with a new emotion, at times narrating the situation I'm in so they can listen and recognize the emotion. Students love it!

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