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Name of Activity:

Trick or Treat Soccer Dribble

Purpose of Activity:

To practice the soccer dribble to develop speed and control, while enjoying a Halloween-themed activity!


Students have practiced working together as a team. They have knowledge of how to dribble a soccer ball correctly.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Have the following items for each pair of students: two cones, one soccer ball, a container with bean bags or other items (the number of items should match or exceed the number of pairs of students), an empty container.

Description of Idea

Set up: Place each pair of cones about 4-5 feet apart, evenly spaced around the perimeter of the field on the sidelines and endlines to represent each "house." Place the container of beanbags next to one cone, and the empty container by the other cone.

Directions: On the signal, one partner will dribble the soccer ball across the field to one of the other houses. When they arrive at someone's "house" they will say "trick-or-treat" and receive a bean bag or other item to take back to their container. After saying "thank you," they will dribble the ball back to their "house" and kick the ball between the cones for the partner to receive. Then the partner will take the ball and dribble to another "house" while the other stays to receive "trick-or-treaters." Continue taking turns dribbling the ball back and forth, until most beanbags have been given out. After most of the beanbags have been given out, signal "stop." Each team counts the beanbags collected.

Assessment Ideas:

Using a checklist, the teacher will observe the dribbling and kicking skill. The teacher will also observe if teams and partners are able to work together respectfully and with courtesy.

Teaching Suggestions:

Encourage proper etiquette by asking students to say "thank you" each time they receive a treat.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who cannot move very quickly can be given their own soccer ball and not share with a partner even though they are part of the team. If using a wheelchair, the student can carry the ball on his/her lap to go from house to house.

Submitted by Kay Calhoun who teaches at LaVerna Evans in O'Fallon, IL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/17/2011.
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Trick or Treat Soccer Dribble

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Matt Maxwell

This is a fantastic idea. I am a big soccer fan and I can see this work while teaching or coaching for all ages, on a soccer field or in a gym. Great post!


This was fun for the kids. In some classes I used one house and I gave out the treats. In another class I used 2 houses and both ways were fine. If students touched the ball with their hands or didn't say thank you, they forfeited a treat

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