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Name of Activity:

Hot Potato

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Cones for boundaries, music, and "throwing" equipment such as scarves, beanbags, yarn balls, playground balls, gator balls, yarn balls, junior basketballs, etc.

Description of Idea

Write the various "throwing" challenges on white paper or poster board. Display the challenges for all students to see. Set up cones to establish boundaries and then scatter the equipment around the playing area. When students enter PE class have them partner up and choose ONE piece of equipment. When the music starts, partners perform the "throwing" challenge that requires the piece of equipment they selected (approximately 20 seconds). When the music stops, everyone FREEZES. The person with the throwing object or the person closest to the throwing object puts the equipment back, chooses a different piece of equipment, and then returns to his/her partner. When the music begins partners perform the "throwing" challenge that requires the NEW piece of equipment selected (approximately 20 seconds). Continue the activity until all students perform each of the "throwing" challenges.

The "Throwing" Challenges

Partner Juggle (scarf): stand two steps away from your partner and pass the scarf back and forth without dropping it.

Underhand Throw (beanbag): stand four steps away from your partner and toss the beanbag without dropping it.

Bowling (playground ball): stand six steps away from your partner and roll the playground ball so your partner does not have to move.

Chest Pass (gator ball): stand six to eight steps away from your partner and chest pass the gator ball without dropping it.

Overhand Throw (yarn ball): stand 8-10 steps away from your partner and overhand throw the yarn ball without dropping it.

Cooperative Challenge (junior basketball): stand back to back with your partner and pass the junior basketball over/under.

Teaching Suggestions:

For safety reasons, use masking tape or basketball half court lines for partner groups to "throw" over.

Quickly review what equipment is used for each challenge.

Have the partner groups do a different challenge each round, so they don't keep repeating a challenge.

Modify the "throwing" challenges for your students or create new challenges.

Instead of "throwing" challenges, use other movement challenges such as the tasks found on the PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge program.

Submitted by Amy Duellman who teaches at Steuart Weller Elementary School in Sterling, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/26/2015.
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Hot Potato

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