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Title of Bulletin Board: Twister Dance Edition

Category: Dance

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: construction paper, cardboard, spinner, pictures of students, laminating sheets, pipe cleaner, string, stapler, sticky tak


This board was created for my pre k dance classes held at The British School of Chicago. We started the term by learning about the element of space as it relates to dance. The unit explored place, direction, size, and level. The idea behind it is that the board is a giant dance based version of twister. The colored squares are labeled with things such as self space, general space, forward backward, high level, low level, big small. Each corner of board is labeled with an action such as shake, jump, twirl, skip. There is a spinner put in the middle that you can spin to decide which action to do and how to do it. above the spinner board I cut out different colored circles so that it looks like the twister mat. In the circles I put pictures of kids doing an action and then a quote from them saying what their favorite thing to do in dance class is. To add a 3-D element to it I used a laminating sheet and cut it into thin strips for the picture of the child that is jumping and skipping so they look like there moving. For the picture of the child that is shaking I attached it to a pipe cleaner so it would actually shake. For the child that is twirling I used another strip of a laminating sheet and rolled it so that it stuck out from the wall and I attached the child's picture with string so it can spin. I chose to use my lettering to say "Show us how you like to dance" The kids have enjoyed using the board and seeing themselves on the board as well.

Twister Dance Edition Image

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