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Title of Bulletin Board: Winter Olympics 2010

Category: Olympics

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Pictures of each winter sport, Silver wrapping paper, letters and picture cut out. Cut-out Snow Flakes


This bulletin board was made to introduce the students to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

We point out the different sports that are involved in the Winter Olympics. We talk about the different events and compare them to what we do in physical education. The students figured out that curling was almost like bocce ball or shuffleboard. We live in the south and the kids are not around snow. This board opens up their world up to new sports events. The students in my 8th grade actually help put the board together.

Winter Olympics 2010 Image

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Submitted by Nellie Hibbard who teaches at Excel Christian Academy in Cartersville, GA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/2/2009 8:07:17 AM. Viewed 21143 times since 12/1/2009.

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I found the pics!!! Check out ...the only issue is that you have to search for each event individually.


This is perfect!!! Like everyone else, the pics are impressive and I'd love them! Where did they come from???


Hi! Has anyone heard from this awesome teacher about where he/she got the icons, pictures, etc? I want to start putting my bulletin board up asap, but I have not heard where I can find the pictures. I have tried 'Google' and other luck. If anyone has any luck, please email me at

Kathy Miller

Awesome..great idea! Where did you get the icons? Thanks for sharing!!!!!Love the background also!


Where did you get the pictures and how can I get them asap? thanks!!!


Your pictures are just what I'm looking for. Want to tie this into my physics lessons. Please share. Thanks.


Loved the pictures and your bulletin board idea. I have searched the internet high and dry since seeing your idea in early January. Cannot find pictures like these anywhere. Could you please inform me where they can be obtained? Thanks for sharing your idea.

Vicki Peters

Great bullentin board! I was wondering where you got the pictures. Please email me at


Go there, and underneath it says "Olympic Pictograms." Just click on the sport you need and the pictogram will come up.


I LOVE IT! Can I know too...I need those pics. Thank you, Julie


Same question :) Where did you find the great pictures? If you are letting people know, I would like to know as well. Thanks!
Love the idea!


Beautiful Bulletin Board!!
I would love to know where you found your pictures. Please email me at
Thank you

janet wright

great idea for bulletinboard. Like all other comments could you tell me where I could find the pictures? please e-mail me at Thanks so much

donna Ewald

love this and want to know where to get the pics

Jo Flowers

Really enjoyed your bulletinboard-what a wonderful idea! Just like everyone else where did you find the pictograms? If you could email at I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Lise Study

That is a great idea. As all the others are wondering where did you find those pictures. They are so neat. Let me know please


Just wondering where you got the pictures. Would you email me at


Love it. I would also like to know where you got the pictures.

Vicki Peters

I really liked the what you did. I was wondering where you got the pictures?


I love the idea of bringing the winter games to your school. Can you let me know where to find the pictures of the games.

John Brogan

How can you find the pictures

john brogan

How and from what resourse can you pull-up or download the pictures of the winter sports


I also love this bulletin board idea. If possible, could you please share a site or information of where the pictures came from??? That would be most helpful.


Great board idea! I was wondering where you got the pictures of the events. Thanks for your time.