PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Welcome Back-Things to look forward to

Category: Beginning of School

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: See attached


The school’s colors are blue, green, and white. These colors are used throughout the entire bulletin board. Blue butcher paper was used for the background. I was able to find blue, green, and white lei garland to use as my border. This also ties in with this year’s Hawaiian theme for the school’s yearbook. “Welcome Back Thoroughbreds” is prominently displayed at the top of the board in green letters with a die-cut horse at each end. “Physical Education” is posted on either side of the “About me” section. In the “About me” section there are pictures of the two PE teachers and myself. Our names are listed above each individual picture. This will help the new students as well as new teachers/staff members to know who we are when they meet us for the first time. Also posted are “About Me: Fun Facts!” and “What did you do this summer?” sheets filled out by each teacher. The last part of the board is my favorite. My CT allowed me to use one of her volleyball nets to staple onto the board. Attached to the volleyball net are green and white die-cut circles. Each circle has a letter punched into the center of it. All together they spell out “Things to look forward to”. I wanted to make it look as if they were balls being hit into the net. In the remaining space on the net are die-cut objects representing what we will be doing this year. For example, a heart is for aerobic fitness, and a shoe is for pedometers, etc.

I feel this bulletin board enhances the learning environment by giving the students a glimpse of some of the activities they will be doing in Physical Education class this semester. It gives them some “Things to look forward to.” Having our names, pictures, and fun facts up also helped the students to get to know the coaches a little better previous to meeting us. This should have helped relieve the anxiety in the new students about going to PE.

Welcome Back-Things to look forward to Image

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