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Title of Bulletin Board: Recipe for a Drug Free Life

Category: Health

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: Plastic cookware, tape, colored paper, cooking glove


The recipe for a drug free life bulletin board has recipes for support systems, positive decision making, how to be healthy, self esteem, problem solving, and positive friendships. It is based on cookbook recipes, and the cookware and glove are visuals to reinforce that. For example, the recipe for friendship lists the ingredients of 3 cups cooperation, 1 cup respect, 6 tbsp of generosity, and 2 tsp of compassion. During preparation, you should mix these up well until a good friend is formed. It was built to remind students that drugs and alcohol are detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. It's purpose is to reinforce components of a healthy lifestyle.

Additional Information:

This bulletin board was done for "Red Ribbon Week" which is drug and alcohol awareness week.

Recipe for a Drug Free Life Image

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Submitted by Chris Wirszyla who teaches at Cape Fear Elementary School in Rocky Point, NC. Additional authors for this idea were Miranda Witkowski. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/5/2009 8:25:13 PM. Viewed 23171 times since 11/5/2009.

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I scrolled down and got them ...Thank you !!!


Can you please email the recipes ? I would like to use them for my drug free bulletin board.


Cordia C. Lee

Can I please get a copy of the recipe.
My email address



Love the idea. Could you please email it to me?

Miranda Witkowski

I just happened to come across this website in which Chris submitted my bulletin board years ago. Instead of emailing to each of you, I have listed the recipes that we used but feel free to personalize them.

Good Self Esteem
1 cup Self Worth
½ cup Confidence
3 tsps Motivation
2 tbs Success
Mix all ingredients and mold into a self -confident person.

Be Healthy
1½ cups Exercise
¾ cup Eat Healthy Food
2 tsps Follow Doctor’s Orders
3 tbs Refuse Drugs
Beat ingredients in a blender until a healthy person appears.

Good Problem Solver
2 cups Take Responsibilty for Your Actions
2/3 cup Think About the Consequences
4 tsps Be a Good Listener
1 tbs Choose the Best Solution
Blend all ingredients to create a smart person.

Support System
3/4 cup Positive Role Models
1/3 cup Family
2 tsps Communication
3 tbs Community Involvement
Use all ingredients to make a strong person.

Chris Wirszyla

You can make up any of the recipes, doesn't have to be the one's we used, which are long gone!





Can you please email me the recipes? Love this!!


If anyone has already recieved an email with the recipes, please forward them to me. I need them very soon. I have a bulletin board that is due by October 4 and I love this idea. or


Can you please email me the recipes? Love this idea, Thanks!!!


Can you please email me the recipes? Love this idea.


Can you please email me the recipes? Love this idea, Thanks!!!

Dee Dee Thurber

Can you email the recipes for this bulletin - looks like such a great idea!
Thank you!


I know i asked for the recipe already but our email was down at the school i work for so would you mind resending them if you can!! my email is

Ashley Kunkel
Cafeteria Manager
Dime Box I.S.D.
979-884-3366 ext 1008

Tammy Cazares

Can i get a copy of the recipes too

Alisha Morton

I would love to use the recipes from this. If you don't mind sharing, please email them to Thanks.

Ashley Kunkel

Would you mind sending em the recipes that you have used for this board i really think this is a cute idea for my cafeteria and drug free week..

Ashley Kunkel
Cafeteria Manager
Dime Box I.S.D.
979-884-3366 ext 1008

A. Houston

I love this board!!! Are you willing to share the recipes? If so, my email address is

Amanda Wilks

Love this! Will you please email me the recipes? Thanks!

Eileen Matilla

This idea is absolutely fabulous! This will complement the cooking theme I have for this year. Can you email the recipies? My email is Thanks!


Melvin Keiff Roca

Can you please also email me then recipes.


pls email d recipes pretty please..this is very email


Can you please also email me then recipes. What a great idea :-)
Thank you

Maureen Martz

Love this idea could you please email me your recipes you used.

Julee Pitalo

This bulletin board grabbed my attention. What a great idea. I would appreciate it if you would share the recipes you have created.

Judy Weikert

Great idea! Could you please send me the recipes you used. Our school just finished Red Ribbon Week, but I would like to pass the idea along to the person in charge, and to our cafeteria ladies. Thanks.

Adam Romaine

Great Bulletin Board!!! Would love to share with my students. Could you please email me the recipes you used? Thanks!! My email address is

Kathleen Kyzer

Please share recipes,here is my e-mail

Celia Ortiz

Please share the recipes, here is my email

Celia Ortiz

Would you share the recipes if you still have them?

This idea is great!


I too love this idea. It is very creative. I would also like to get the recipies that you used. My e-mail is cbdjmac@aol.con.
Thank you and have a great day!

Joe Strohmeyer

Can you please email me the recipes if you still have them. Was going to use it for my health class bulletin board such a great idea. My email is Thanks

Christina Cardoza

Can you please email me the recipes if you still have them. This is a very awesome Idea. My Email Address is

Lee Anna Epp

Can you email me the recipes please?
Thank you!

Daylene Mantooth

I would love to have the recipes or ideas for recipes...This is an AWESOME idea want to use it in our cafateria...Thanks for

Letoya Allen

I forgot to include my email address. Please send me the recipes. Thanks

Letoya Allen

Could you please email me the recipes. This is a great idea.

Dee Robinson

Could you also please email me the recipes. I love the ideas and we are doing Red Ribbon week and I would love to use these in my class. Thanks


Could you please email me the recipes you have used for this board. This is an awesome idea. thanks


Can you email the different recipes to post on the door?


What do the recipes say??? I like this idea!!


what do the smaller signs say?

catherine munoz

please tell me what the recipes say??? this is so wonderful!!!!