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Title of Bulletin Board: Are You Stronger Than A Fifth Grader?

Category: Fitness

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: bulletin board paper, cut-out letters pictures of current 5th graders, string


We asked 5th grade students to volunteer to be the featured 5th grader. We selected a name in a random drawing and made a time to meet with the student for a picture and to have them perform one or two of the tests. Later in the day or the next day, we had the student perform the other tests and recorded the scores on the bulletin board. Every other Friday, the rest of the students can attempt any of the five fitness tests to try to see if the are "Stronger Than A Fifth Grader." If any student is stronger in all five tests, then their name also goes up on the bulletin board. After two weeks, we change the student and of course put their new scores up.

Additional Information:

Changing the student frequently keeps students challenged. If you have a student that excels at all of the tests, then some students won't want to even try. Choosing students from a variety of levels makes the program work better because the level of challenge also changes.

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Submitted by Christy Neff who teaches at University Park Elementary School in University Park, MD. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/11/2009 4:49:33 AM. Viewed 10780 times since 9/10/2009.

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Of course other kids beat their scores...that's the challenge! Before we begin, we talk about gifts and how everyone has different abilities, skills and talents. I tell that this is true in life and in sports. I show the students a college volleyball game clip and ask them about the different roles they see people playing. The person spiking the ball can't do it without the setter. The setter can't do it without a passer and so on. Each gift is different and yet equally important for success. A good lesson for us all to learn.

Julie P

Thanks for the information and your ideas. I'm a personal trainer who works full-time at a corporate wellness center; and I was online looking for any ideas for a new fitness incentive program. I typed-in "Are you stronger than a 5th grader;" and your page popped-up. I'm going to look-up the fitness tests for grade school kids, and challenge our adult members to see if they're stronger than a 5th grader. Thanks for your help!


Hi, so I absolutely LOVED this idea. As soon as I saw it I made a bulletin board in my gym, had my fifth graders volunteer and the next week picked a student to be featured. I was shocked with the amount of students that wanted to challenge the 5th grader. I was also shocked with how well the other students were doing. I then got a really upsetting e-mail from a parent saying their 5th grader came home in tears over the fact that younger girls were beating his scores. Is this happening with your challenge? How are you avoiding these type of situations? I'm so upset now b/c I love the challenge, idea of encouraging other students to push themselves, and making the 5th graders feel special getting featured with picture, bio, and stats. Thoughts?