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Title of Bulletin Board: Kickin' It Soccer Style

Category: Sports

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: cut out letters, construction paper, images of soccer players/soccer balls, cut out athletic shoes, string for shoelaces, key "cues" for soccer skills camera


This was a bulletin board I created during student teaching for my 3-4 graders during their soccer unit. The bulletin board covers both cognitive and affective objectives in my unit. It was created to help motivate and exite students about soccer, as well as review cues for the skills of dribbling, passing and shooting. It also emphasized characteristics of what makes a good soccer player.

On my bulletin board, I included soccer content by having 6 sneakers, each with a skill written on them: 2 for “dribbling”, 2 for “passing” and 2 for“shooting”. Attached to each laces of each sneaker were cues regarding to that skill. An example was one "dribbling" sneaker with the attached cues stating "gentle taps" and "keep in your bubble". This covered my cognitive objectives. I also included in the center of the bulletin board a section that states “what makes us good soccer players?” and included six answers around it: practice, team work, sportsmanship, hard work, having fun, and communication. This section covers my affective objectives for the unit. I want my students learning to work as a team and learn to communicate with one another during my soccer unit. My bulletin board is bright, colorful, and appealing to the eye. I titled it with a catchy phrase “Kickin’ It”. I also included about 30-35 pictures of my 3rd and 4th grade students practicing their soccer skills that my cooperating teacher and I had taken during lesson 1 and 2 of my soccer lessons. This really excited the students and got them motivated!

Kickin' It Soccer Style Image

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Submitted by Meghan Fanning who teaches at Holy Rosary in JACKSONVILLE, FL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/13/2009 12:27:20 PM. Viewed 8755 times since 8/10/2009.

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