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Title of Bulletin Board: Presidential Sports

Category: Holiday-Presidents' Day

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Heads of the Presidents, sports equipment bulletin board pieces, pictures of Presidents play sports, plain paper for background, Presidential sport facts, patriotic boarder and letters.


I used this bulletin board this year for both the Inauguration of President Obama and to celebrate President's Day. We often use our PE bulletin board in our K-4 school to relate Physical Education topics to current events. I did a lot of research on the activities that Presidents have participated in through out their lives, in some cases during their Presidencies. Using some supplies that I purchased at a local teacher supply store, I made a patriotic board that the children (K-4) really enjoyed. I also googled each President with the sport I knew they participated in, or just the word "sport", and found some pictures to put up next to their headshot. Each President has a blurb about their activities next to their name.

Here is the information I gathered. Feel free to add anything new for your board:

President Obama played varsity basketball for his High School in Hawaii. He is also known to play basketball on the mornings of election days.

President George W. Bush relieves the stress of being President by going mountain biking. He is also a huge fan of baseball and used to own the MLB team the Texas Rangers.

President Clinton was known for taking morning jogs while he lived at the White House. He also enjoys playing golf. When President Clinton was in high school he played basketball and lacrosse.

President George H. W. Bush was the captain of the Yale baseball team.

President Ronald Reagan was a very active president. He enjoyed horseback riding and swimming. President Reagan was on the football and swim teams at Eureka College.

President Carter was an avid runner. He ran cross-country at the Naval Academy. He entered 10k races while he was President. President Carter also played tennis in high school.

President Nixon played football at Whittier College. He also loved bowling and added a bowling lane in the basement of the White House.

President Kennedy’s family was known for their family touch football games. JFK played football at the Dexter School in Massachusetts. He was also an excellent swimmer and swam in college for Harvard.

President Theodore Roosevelt loved to play tennis. Did you know that there are tennis courts at the White House? He also was a boxer at Harvard and enjoyed horseback riding and hiking.

President Ford loved football. He played for the University of Michigan when they won two national championships. He was also an assistant football coach while he attended Yale.

President Taft was the first President to throw out a first pitch in a Major League Baseball game.

President Woodrow Wilson enjoyed many different sports, such as biking and golf. He also played baseball at Davidson College. President Wilson was the first President to throw out a first pitch in a MLB World Series. Although he never played football, he coached winning teams at Princeton and Wesleyan.

President Warren Harding loved to play golf. He was very confident in his golf game and bet many people that he could play better than them.

President Rutherford Hayes spent $6.00 on a croquet set while he was President. That was VERY expensive in 1880! He also enjoyed riding, daily exercising, and walking.

President Ulysses S. Grant enjoyed horseback riding as many Presidents of his era did. He was also the first President to play golf!

President Herbert Hoover liked to fish. He was also the manager of the baseball and football teams at Stanford. White House physician Admiral Joel T. Boone invented the game “Hoover-ball” to keep President Hoover physically fit. “Hoover-ball” is a combination of tennis, volleyball and medicine ball.

President Eisenhower excelled in high school sports. He also played one season of Minor League Baseball before he got accepted to West Point. While at West Point, President Eisenhower played on the football team. During his presidency, Eisenhower played golf and also established The President’s Council on Youth Fitness.

Additional Information:

President Franklin D. Roosevelt used the sport of swimming to regain the use of his legs after an illness.

America’s first President, George Washington, was said to be very athletic when he fought in wars. He also excelled at horseback riding and hunting.

Although President Jefferson never rode into battle, he was able to ride a horse for over 4 hours! He was also a big believer in walking to stay fit and live longer.

President Abraham Lincoln played many sports. He was a good swimmer and liked to play horseshoes. Lincoln also played a game called “Town Ball,” which was an early version of baseball. President Lincoln also challenged many men to wrestling matches.

President Kennedy’s family was known for their family touch football games. JFK played football at the Dexter School in Massachusetts. He was also an excellent swimmer and swam in college for Harvard.

Presidential Sports Image

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