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Title of Bulletin Board: Jump Rope Challenges

Category: Physical Activities

Suggested Grade Level: 3-8

Materials: Photos or drawings of various jump rope challenges, construction paper in several colors, bulletin board paper and border


This bulletin board was constructed to build fifth and sixth grade student interest in the upcoming "Jump Rope Challenges" unit in which they will attempt various jump rope skills individually and with partners.

I cut the words "Jump Rope" out to look like two jump ropes with handles beginning and ending each word. I used die-cut letters in two colors for the word "challenges." I placed the darker color behind the lighter color to look like a shadow.

The pictures that I used for the various jump rope skills are from the CATCH Activity cards; however, any photos or drawings of various jump rope skills can be substituted. I backed each skill and its name or description with colorful construction paper. I used orange for partner skills and red for individual skills.

Some of the individual skills that I included are: walking jump, straddle, skier, bell, rocker, heel-toe, heel-to-heel, and wounded duck. The partner skills don't have names, so I included a brief description of each. A few examples of the partner skills are: two students turn one rope and jump side-by-side, two students turn one rope and hop side-by-side, two students stand one behind the other both jump over one rope turned by the student in the back.

Jump Rope Challenges Image

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