PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: All Aboard the Energy Express

Category: Nutrition

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: Bulletin board paper, pictures of healthy and not so healthy food choices, paper train, stapler and staples, baorder, black marker, ruler, black paper and a die cut machine


The purpose of this bulletin board is to help students realize the importance of making wise food choices. It also helps them to realize that different food choices do different things for their bodies. Some food gives them a source of energy others help build and repair their body.

To build the board cover the bulletin board with plain blue bulletin board paper. Next, take previously enjoyed plain rectangular border and draw train tracks on the back side. Staple these around the bulletin board to create an attractive border. Staple a paper train in the center of the board label the engine “ Energy Express” and the cars as follows: “Proteins” Builds & Repairs, “Carbohydrates” Energy Source, and the smallest car “Fats” Energy Source. Cut out pictures from magazines that go with each category and staple them to the appropriate car. For example meat, eggs or chicken for proteins, pasta, fruit or veggies for carbohydrates, etc. Using Microsoft word, create the title for the board using the insert symbol and word art tools. The title is “Make Healthy Choices” it should look like puffs of smoke coming out of the train. Finally, using die-cut machine, punch out the appropriate letters needed to write “ALL ABOARD THE ENERGY EXPRESS”. Place this part of the title below the train in a slightly bumpy manner to make it appear like a bumpy train ride.

Additional Information:

This is located in the school cafeteria near the door where the students go to make their lunch choices.

All Aboard the Energy Express Image

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