PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Feed Me What I Need

Category: Nutrition

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials: Bulletin Board Paper, Die Cut Fruits and Vegetables, Microsoft Clip Art, Posters from My Pyarmid for Kids and Team Nutrition


Th Holidays bring with them lots of opportunities for eating. I take this time of year to enlighten my students about food groups and making Healthy Choices. We discuss serving sizes and balancing our intake of food with exercise.

I use this bulletin Board as a introduction to the food groups for Kindergarten and a review of food groups for First and Second grade.

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving we play games associated with Food and Nutrition. The Bulletin Board becomes a reference for the students who are trying to identify which food group different foods belong in.

When the board is taken down the poster will remain up in the room and another in the hallway outside the cafeteria.

Additional Information:

Additional Signs:

Bananas aren't just for Monkeys,
They are rich in vitamins and minerals and they
will give you lots of Energy and Power.

Bananas are so delicious!
They are a good source of Vitamin C, Fiber,
and Potassium, and they will give you lots of
Energy and Power!!

What can help you see in the dark
While going for your 5 A Day Mark?
They're fun to eat because of their crunch
And you can have them with your lunch!!

Carrots!! Buy a Bunch!!

what looks like a tree?
Is high in Vitamin C
And good for you and me?


Along the border I have fruit die cuts.
The background is trees, sky and earth. This will be used next month for a Food pyramid game. The trees being the pyramids.

I also have the seasonal Pilgrims and Turkey on the board.

Feed Me What I Need Image

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