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Title of Bulletin Board: Soccer

Category: Sports

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: Poster paper, laminating machine, definitions, pictures of soccer balls, soccer players, etc.


This bulletin board provides students with some background knowledge of soccer, definitions of soccer terms, as well as the latest craze that surrounds the sport. The purpose of this board was to give the students a broader perspective, and hopefully a greater appreciation for soccer, rather than just what it is and how it is played.

On the left is a true and false quiz where the students lift up the flap to find the answer. The questions are just some interesting facts about soccer. Ex. True or False? FOOTBALL is the official name for soccer.

The middle section lists soccer terminologies and its definitions.

On the right, offers the most recent soccer news/highlights. In this case, the U.S. womens soccer team had just won the gold medal at the beijing olympics!

Additional Information:

The True and False quiz was extremely popular among the students as well as the teachers! Since it is necessary to lift the flaps to find the answers, make sure to laminate!

Soccer Image

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I absolutely love the true/false quiz! So creative!! Go girl! I will definitely replicate this in the future!! Thanks for sharing your idea!