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Title of Bulletin Board: A Gold Medal Team!

Category: Olympics

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Pictures of your teachers/staff, construction paper, pictures of athletes in olympic events from the internet or magazines.


To show my students the variety of sports represented in the Olympic games, I created a "bulletin board" in which the stars are not the actual Olympians, but the teachers and staff members of our school. I used the headshots that are typically given to the teachers when school pictures are taken and pasted them onto the bodies of the "real" athlete and labeled the sport. I then labeled the board with the heading "Pleasant's Gold Medal Team." The kids (and teachers!) REALLY loved looking at their teachers as Olympians and helped them get to know all of the people who are in the building. The students also got the opportunity to see and learn of the various olympic events.

Additional Information:

I used this bulletin board in conjunction with another where the students voted for their favorite event and we created a huge bar graph illustrating the results.

A Gold Medal Team! Image

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Submitted by Kristen Michaelis in Milan, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/14/2008 10:45:21 AM. Viewed 8215 times since 9/9/2008.

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Curt Moll

Kristen - When I found this idea in the spring I couldn't wait to get it up for the new school year. Being 2009-10 is an Olympic year and the Olympics are in Canada (I teach in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada), this was a great idea to get kids excited about the Olympics, and to get to know more about the staff.

I was going to do the board just like you had it. However, when I began gluing heads to pictures I found the heads that were too big for the picture to be the best ones. It gave the picture a bobblehead look. My daughter and I were laughing so hard when we were cutting and pasting these together.

When the board went up, the kids and parents alike stood at the board and were reading and laughing. Even the staff thought the finished product was hilarious.

Thanks for the idea!

Curt Moll
St. Mary's School (K-8)
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada