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Title of Bulletin Board: BEE Your Own Witness With Lifelong Fitness

Category: Fitness

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: construction paper, spring time border, butterflies, typed out information


This bulletin board was a fun way to show children the benefits of eating healthy and exercising. The bees were made of construction paper and are labeled: physical activities, exercise, and eating healthy. They represent the main things you should do to keep yourself physically fit. The exercise bee is landing on the the pink flower (all made from construction paper) and each pedal on the flower shows the benefits of exercising. The exercise flower shows that you will sleep better, BEE happier, control your weight, have stronger muscles, exercise is good for your body. The healthy foods bee is landing on the orange flower and it also shows benefits of eating healthy. The orange flower states you will have stronger bones, harder to get sick, maintain your weight, more alert, and you will have more energy. The last bee is physical activities, and the purple flower gives children examples of some activities they can do. They can be anything but I chose, swimming, basketball, dancing, walking, and football. Lastly there is a statement saying, "Without exercising and eating healthy you will not be physically fit....and you may look like this!" Next to it is a fallen flower and on the petals are the disadvantages which are: have a negative attitude, unhealthy, sleepy (tired), and become overweight. The flower is supposed to represent the fact that it is weak because it does not get the proper amount of healthy foods and exercise. Border and butterflies were found at a local dollar store and added a cute touch to the board.

Additional Information:

This was an inexpensive bulletin board and was extremely easy. Children can also help you make the bees and flowers in class while having the discussion about healthy foods and exercising!

BEE Your Own Witness With Lifelong Fitness Image

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