PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Gold Medal Perfomers

Category: Motivation

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: markers, ribbon, computer photos


Inspired by the Rio Summer Olympics, I created this bulletin board entitled “Gold Medal Performers.” The performers I’m referring to are the teachers and staff at Clermont Elementary School. In the photos, my colleagues are holding pieces of equipment used by the athletes in the Summer Games.

Underneath each picture is a caption relating to the jobs teachers do in “sports” jargon. For example: 1st grade teachers represent gymnasts and the caption reads “helping students STRETCH their minds in many ways;” 2nd grade teachers represent field hockey & rugby players and the caption reads, “helping students WEAVE their way through challenging math problems;” 3rd grader teachers represent racket sports athletes and the caption reads, ”helping students SERVE UP their best work;” 4th grade teachers represent volleyball players and the caption reads, “helping students SET-UP good study habits;” 5th grade teachers represent basketball and soccer players and the caption reads, “helping students SCORE high marks in and out of the classroom;” the reading specials represent archers and the caption reads, “ helping students hit their TARGET in Reading;” the school counsellor represents cyclists and the caption reads, “helping students MOVE in the right direction;” the school nurse represents medical staff and the caption reads, “helping students get and stay HEALTHY;” the speech teacher represents golfers and the caption reads, “helping students DRIVE themselves to better oral communication skills;” the special area teachers represent track & field athletes and the caption reads, “ helping students go HIGHER, FASTER, & FURTHER (Olympic motto) to achieve their personal goals;” the gifted teacher represents swimmers & divers and the caption reads, “helping students DIVE into higher thinking skills;” the computer and technology teachers represent weight lifters and the caption reads, “helping students STRENGTHING their computer skills;” the classroom aides represent team handball players and the caption reads, “helping students keep their eyes on the BALL;” the office staff and principal are holding the Olympic Flag and torch and the caption reads, “ helping students and teachers achieve a successful year.”

To complete the Olympic look, I created gold medals with the school’s steamship insignia that hang on either side of the title. I used “sports” words in the captions to help broaden our students’ vocabulary base. Seeing teachers in a different light might inspire students to try new athletic endeavors, might start a discussion on the Olympic Games, it may also begin a dialogue between a teacher and a student on like interests and endeavors. Communicating with students is one key to being a good teacher.

Gold Medal Perfomers Image

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Submitted by Gloria Jaremko who teaches at Clermont Elementary School in Quarryville, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/27/2016 7:00:30 PM. Viewed 1361 times since 9/27/2016.

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