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Title of Bulletin Board: Go for the Gold in PE / Olympian Health & Hygiene

Category: Health

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: paper, staples, cut-out letters, markers, bulletin board edging, health tip print outs on cardstock


With the 2016 Rio Olympics just finishing up at the start of the school year, my school decided to make the Olympics the theme for our Open House. On the left side of the board I incorporated some of the Olympic symbols such as the Olympic rings, the torch (Created to resemble the torch designed for the 2016 Rio Olympics), and the bronze/silver/gold medals. Inside each of the 3D rings I put a word from the phrase "Go for gold in PE. I thought this would be a great reminder for the students to work hard in PE to succeed, just like the Olympic athletes work hard and succeed in their events. I also included the medal count to show the three countries with the most medals, as well as how many of each type of medal each of the three countries received. This also ties in with global awareness, since my school is highly involved in making our students global learners.

On the right side of the board, which is titled Olympian Health & Hygiene, I included five health tips to help my students stay fit and healthy! The five tips are:

1. 60 minutes of activity a day
2. Wash Your Hands: Turn water on, wet hands, scrub with soap, Rinse clean, dry hands (includes pictures of each step of the process).
3. Use a tissue to catch your sneeze! (includes pictures of kleenex and kids using them)
4. Fill your plate with a variety of nutritious foods (includes a picture of the Myplate place mat).
5. Stay Hydrated (includes pictures of a running faucet and a water bottle)

I included this on my bulletin board to remind students that even though staying physically active plays a key role in being physically fit, there are other factors that play into keep our bodies healthy too.

Go for the Gold in PE / Olympian Health & Hygiene Image

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