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Title of Bulletin Board: Have a Namaste

Category: Yoga

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials: Pictures of restorative poses and descriptions of the poses


The board was created to show students some restorative yoga poses that can be used to help relax students. The board also lists some of the benefits of relaxation exercises.

Sit cross legged while resting your palms on your knees. With each inhalation lengthen your spine through the top of your head. Try to focus on the length of the inhalations and exhalations. Feel the expansion and contraction of your ribs as you breath in and out.

Supported Child’s Pose
Sit with your feet on the outside of a bolster and place a rolled up towel under your feet and arms. Lay down so that your stomach is on the bolster and turn your head to the side. After a few minutes switch your head to the other side.

Supported Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Lay back on a reclining bolster as well as a bolster under the knees. Then place a folded blanket over your chest and legs.

Legs Up
Place a pillow a few inches away from the wall. Lay down on the pillow and place your feet on the wall. Slide as close to the wall while still being comfortable. Then lay your arms on the floor next to you.

Supported Belly Down Twist
Lay down on an incline bolster with both knees on either side of the bolster and sitting back on your heels. Make sure to support both arms with pillows. After a few minutes switch to your other side.

Legs on chair
Place a folded blanket on a chair and place two bolsters in a T shape. Lay down with your head and body supported on the bolsters and place your calves on the chair. Lay your arms down next to you on the floor.

Have a Namaste Image

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