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Title of Bulletin Board: Elevate your heart rate in 2008

Category: Heart Rate Monitors

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: hearts, pictures of hearts exercising, heart rate monitors, letters for the saying, human heart diagram, target heart rate zone chart


I wanted to welcome our students to the new year by changing the gym bulletin board to connect with exercise and 2008. After spending a lot of time trying to rhyme 2008 with something physical education related, elevate seemed to be the best fit. Then the light went on and I thought that it would be great to tie the heart rate monitors in too. Then I realized that if I made it pink and red, it would probably work well into Valentine's Day with all of the hearts. 3 bulletin boards in 1 !

I decorated the board with pictures of hearts exercising, a human heart diagram, a heart rate monitor, the saying, a girl jump roping (Jump Rope for Heart is in March) a target heart rate chart and hearts. I found all of these pictures on the internet, printed them out, enlarged and colored them to make them stand out more.

The kids got really involved in helping me make this board. I asked each class to brainstorm things that they could do to "elevate their heart rates." I told them that the most unique ideas would go up on the board along with their names and teachers name for everyone to see. There are ideas up there that go from riding your bike to doing the Macarena to Irish Step Dancing. They really got creative!

Since the saying was "Elevate Your Heart Rate," I put the hearts on the board so that they were elevating from one end to the other, kind of like what you would see on a heart beat monitor in the hospital.

The kids really enjoyed it for the months of January and February. They love seeing their names on the board in the gym with their great idea on display for all to see. It is so wonderful when you see them take a really good look and make all of the connections!

Elevate your heart rate in 2008 Image

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Submitted by Caitlin Stella who teaches at Mt. Tabor Elementary in Mt. Tabor, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/29/2008 1:52:18 PM. Viewed 12203 times since 3/25/2008.

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Way to make fitness and health awareness fun for kids, we need more teachers to take the reins, because our kids are not being taught the proper life style for a long life.
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Great job, teaching kids to exercise is extremely crucial. Allowing our children to feel good, and stay healthy.
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The board looks great and is a great idea!!!