PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Change your words, Change your mindset!

Category: Motivation

Suggested Grade Level: 6-12

Materials: Large color background paper, boarders, white computer paper, construction paper, letter cut outs


This board is posted directly outside of our fitness center in our junior-senior high school. It was designed to motivate our students when they feel they are having difficulty achieving goals in PE, Athletics, or other subject areas. We were also looking for ways incorporate more literacy / common core into our PE curriculum. We wanted to teach students that by simply "changing our words" and how we speak, we can begin to "change our mindset", be more positive, and start to see desired results. I saw a bulletin board online that was similar to this that was designed for ELA, but I adapted it for my PE classes.

The bulletin board reads:
Change your words - Change your mindset!

I don't understand.
What am I missing?

I give up.
I'll use some of the skills I've learned.

This is too hard.
This may take some time and effort.

I made a mistake.
Mistakes help me improve.

I can't compete.
I'm going to train harder.

I'll never be as strong as her.
I'm going to figure out what she does and try it.

I'm not good at this.
I'm on the right track.

This is good enough.
Is this really my best?

I can't do better.
I can always improve. I'll keep trying!

Change your words, Change your mindset! Image

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Submitted by Jennifer Murphy-Fries who teaches at Fort Plain Central School District in Fort Plain, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/18/2015 10:54:08 AM. Viewed 2806 times since 11/14/2015.

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