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Title of Bulletin Board: We Jump! We Shoot! We Save! Hoops For Heart

Category: Jump Rope for Heart

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials: construction paper; tennis shoes images cut out; 2 pairs of socks; 2 cut pieces of a jump rope; basketball images printed out and taped together for border; cut out letters made with Ellison machine


I created this bulletin board to promote our school's Hoops For Heart Event emphasizing the American Heart Association's motto for HFH/JRFH, "We Jump! We Shoot! We Save!" as that is what I teach my students we are doing with Hoops For Heart, helping to save lives. The bulletin board also provides the informative dates of our HFH Kick-Off and the dates of the weeklong HFH Event. The board includes both basketball and jump roping, two great "heart-healthy activities" we learn about and focus on throughout our Hoops For Heart Event. I created the smiling basketball out of construction paper. I printed off 2 pairs of tennis shoes that I found on Google Images, enlarged each pair, and then cut them out. I also purchased 2 cheap pairs of children's white socks that I used on the board. I only use the top portion of the socks, cutting off the foot part. I purchased 2 very cheap jump ropes at Walmart that I cut up to create the "mini" jump ropes on the board. I stapled the sock pieces to the board, and then taped the shoe images over them creating a 3-D effect. I taped the mini jump rope pieces up around the shoes/socks to make it look like they are jump roping. I created the basketball border myself, printing off rows of a cut and pasted basketball image, cutting them out in uniform pieces, and taping them together. I used heart cutouts that I made with an Ellison machine to add a nice touch to the four corners of my border. I finished off the board with other printed off HFH images and mottos that I teach my students throughout our HFH event; that we are "Heart Heroes" & "It Takes Heart to Be a Hero" and...."Washington has A LOT of heart!" as our school has repeatedly raised a lot of money for the American Heart Association, helping many children who have "special" hearts!

We Jump! We Shoot! We Save! Hoops For Heart Image

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Submitted by Angie Ellis who teaches at Washington K-1 Elem. School (Tiffin City Schools) in Tiffin, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/6/2015 4:07:42 PM. Viewed 2403 times since 9/27/2015.

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