PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Are you Physically Educated? Door Board

Category: Physical Literacy

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Butcher Paper, Border, Letters, Words printed in Microsoft Word with construction paper border.


This "bulletin board" was created on the entrance door to my gym. I wanted the students to understand what it means to be physically educated (physically literate) and know that physical education is not just a break from class to come and play games. I am fortunate enough to work at a school which has a machine that cuts out letters. Letters can also be purchased from places such as Walmart or Teacher Supply Stores and still serve the same purpose.

I began the door by putting blue butcher paper to cover the entire door. I then put a black border around the perimeter to help clean up the edges. Next, I began putting the words "Are you Physically Educated" in the middle. The idea here was to create a "bubble map" idea with concepts stemming off of a main topic. The three topics I chose to focus on were Knowledge, Skills and Values. After placing these words on the door I used construction paper to create the lines that stemmed from the central topic to the other three sub topics. Once those were in place, I printed all of the skills/concepts for each sub topic and glued them onto black paper to create a border. I then glued each of these skills/concepts under the appropriate sub topic.

- Strategies, Tactics, Skill Cues, Skill Related Components of Fitness, Health Related Components of Fitness, Game Rules, Healthy Habits, Food Plate, 5-2-1-0 (Carolina's Healthcare System)

- Throwing, Catching, Tossing, Rolling, Striking, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Locomotor Skills, Chase, Flee

- Physical Activity helps me make friends! , Physical Activity keeps me healthy!, Physical Activity keeps my family healthy!, Physical Activity is fun!

Are you Physically Educated? Door Board Image

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Submitted by Lindsay Dillon who teaches at Pleasant Knoll Elementary in Fort Mill, SC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/13/2015 7:48:44 AM. Viewed 21360 times since 8/12/2015.

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