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Title of Bulletin Board: PE is SNOW much FUN! (Frozen)

Category: Holiday-Christmas/Winter

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials: images of Olaf participating in various winter physical activities from the Internet, Olaf poster (purchased @ Walmart), staying physically active in winter poem, snowflake cutouts, construction paper


I created this "Olaf/Frozen"-themed bulletin board to help teach my young students the importance of staying physically active even throughout the cold winter months and different ways they can do so.

The poem in the middle of the bulletin board emphasizes the importance of getting 60 minutes of physical activity EVERY DAY! The board includes images of Olaf (from Disney's "Frozen") participating in several different winter-time physical activities such as sledding, skiing, building a snowman, snow boarding, ice skating, making snow angels, having snow ball fights, etc. The students absolutely LOVE this bulletin board, and I refer to it often during the closure of my lessons, especially near the end of the week, to remind students to be sure to bundle up and go out and play (get some physical activity) over the weekend, as well as after school throughout the week.

I found several images of Olaf participating in winter-time physical activities on Google Images, saved them on a document, and printed them out. I cut out the images, taped them to either teal or navy blue construction paper as a nice background, and added the name of each physical activity beneath each image. I also purchased the large Olaf, "I'M AN EXPERT ON THE SNOW" poster at Walmart ($5.00) that adds the perfect touch to my bulletin board. If you can't find the poster, it would be easy to create your own large Olaf character to put up in place of the poster (all kinds of ideas how to do so on the Internet). I also added snowflake cutouts that I made with our Ellison machine at school as a nice added touch. The letters for the title of the bulletin board were also cut out with the Ellison machine.

Lastly, I wrote a rhyming poem about staying physically active throughout winter, emphasizing 60 minutes every day to use as the centerpiece of all the physical activities on the board. I found some shimmery snowflake boarder that matched my colors perfectly that was a nice finishing touch to this cute, fun, visually attractive bulletin board. Since I teach at a K-1 building, several students are not able to read all the words on the board, so the clear, colorful images are a great way to get the message across...and who doesn't love Olaf?!

This bulletin board is located near the entrance/exit of my gym, and students enjoy looking at it as they are waiting in line at the end of class to exit the gym, which leads to some great conversations about how much fun it is to go outside and get some great exercise by simply playing in the snow; motivating everyone to do so!

PE is SNOW much FUN! (Frozen) Image

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Submitted by Angie Ellis who teaches at Washington K-1 Elementary School in Tiffin, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/26/2014 10:12:09 AM. Viewed 9981 times since 11/23/2014.

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What are the activities? It is hard to read them. I can tell one is build a snowman, make snowangels, but what are the others?



I just ordered the poster on Amazon for 4 dollars. I can not read the captions under all the Olafs. Can you share what they say?