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Title of Bulletin Board: Don't Overlook Your Health (Valentine's

Category: Holiday-Valentine's Day

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Poster Board, Heart Borders, Scrapbook Paper


This bulletin board contains red hearts made out of poster board, pink letters made from scrapbook paper, heart borders and black paper. I made this bulletins board for heart month. We spend the whole month of February doing fitness activities that get our heart rates up.

I e-mailed the teachers in the school asking them to tell me what they do to stay heart healthy. Once they told me what they do, I then made a heart with their name and put the activity they do to stay heart healthy. I used Microsoft word to create the teachers names. I typed them up and printed them out. I used pink scrapbook paper to make the hearts look nicer.

The title of the bulletin board is �Don�t OVERLOOK your health. Look who�s heart is healthy.� Overlook is the name of the school where this bulletin board is at. The students seem to really enjoy reading what their teachers do to stay heart healthy.

Don't Overlook Your Health (Valentine's  Image

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Julie Breen

I think I'm going to use this sometime this year. Super cute!

sarah wallace

Hey Meg! this is awesome!