PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Welcome Back

Category: Health

Suggested Grade Level: 3-8

Materials: Pictures, Construction Paper


This bulletin board was created to welcome the students back to school as well as educate and remind students about three healthy habits they should keep in mind as they begin the school year, which emphasize that being consistent with these three healthy habits are vital in living a healthy lifestyle and can improve their educational experience.

The first habit is to eat regularly. On the bottom left corner of the board, it says "6 small meals per day keeps your metabolism running efficiently. It's also helpful in keeping you full and focused." The second habit is to stay hydrated.On the bottom middle of the board, it says "6-8 glasses of water per day will keep your body perfectly hydrated." The last habit for them to remember is to get sleep. On the bottom right side of the board, it says "8.5 - 9 hours of sleep per night is ideal for teenagers."

Welcome Back Image

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