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Title of Bulletin Board: Spring Into Sports

Category: Sport Seasons

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Paper, badminton birdies, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, sports ball shaped hackie sacks, hot glue, butterfly and flower stickers


This bulletin board is called "Spring Into Sports." It is a bulletin board that can be reused over and over again and works extremely will in the spring season. This bulletin board was created to be a way of getting additional information or review information about the sports that are being taught in class (corresponding the board to the classroom)with the spring season. Since some sports are only played during the spring (and are taught in the spring as well) the board is a great way to relate the two together. The board as first a blue background (sky) and green (grass). Take and staple this paper to the board, cut the green in small strips so it looks like grass. Make the sun out of yellow paper. Use some spring colors to make the words "SPRING INTO SPORTS." Next take the sport ball hackie sacks and hot glue them to the tissue paper in a way where it will look like a flower and attach a green pipe cleaner for the steam. Staple these to the grass. Next take some badminton birdies and make them into real birdies by adding pipe cleaner beaks and feet. Staple them to the board. Add the butterfly and flower stickers. Last, create clouds that will be stapled onto the board. Have one cloud stat which spring sport is either being taught in class or focused on (ex: badminton) then create other clouds that contain the rules, mechanics and fun facts about the sport. Create new clouds when you teach a new sport or every week to keep it different.

You can add things to it to make it reflect the holidays as well. Easter eggs, shamrocks, etc...

Spring Into Sports Image

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Submitted by Tylor Enos who teaches at Youngsville Elementary/Middle School in Russell, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/28/2013 10:44:08 PM. Viewed 6623 times since 3/26/2013.

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