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Title of Bulletin Board: What is the PE Password?

Category: Word of the Week

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: Card Stock, Folders, sentence strips, pocket for sentence strip, laminator


The "PE Password" began as a result of an analysis of a Physical Education baseline assessment that was given at the beginning of the school year. A review of the assessment indicated a need to focus on specific vocabulary words and concepts. The purpose of this idea was to increase the opportunity to teach and reinforce these vocabulary words and concepts without sacrificing activity time. While these words are primarily Physical Education based words, there are many opportunities to teach multiple meanings of these words that extend beyond the Physical Education setting. Examples of these types of words are "Flexibility" and "Intensity".
The "PE Password" is set up on the wall in two different hallways in the school to increase exposure. The question: "What is the PE Password?" is on the top and then a folder that says "Peek Here" containing a pocket with a sentence strip indicating the word is hung underneath. Hanging the folder upside down with a "Peek Here" sign creates a sense of mystery and allows students to flip up the folder to see the word. When students arrive to PE class, they are asked if they know what the PE Password is. A definition of the word is given as well as different possible meanings of the word. At various points during PE class students are asked, "What is the PE Password?" This questioning extends to students in the hallway, during dismissal, arrival, lunch, or at any other random time during the school day. Students often tell me the password now before I even ask! I have even witnessed our principal and reading teachers "Peeking" at the password and then asking our students in the hallway as well! The word is changed every "A" day as we operate on a six-day cycle and is also listed each week on our PE website:

What is the PE Password? Image

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Submitted by Margaret Robelee who teaches at North Park Elementary School in Hyde Park, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/6/2013 11:51:26 PM. Viewed 13967 times since 1/21/2013.

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