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Title of Bulletin Board: How Much Sugar is In YOUR Cereal?

Category: Nutrition

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: Posterboard Paper, Ellison Cut outs, Cereal boxes and labels


Discription: The board is made from poster board and Ellison letters to read “How much Sugar is in YOUR cereal?” I had students collect empty cereal boxes that they were finished with which would help decorate the board. I went online and printed a current table of breakfast cereal comparisons and their nutrition content. I categorized the table by sugar content from highest to lowest, based on grams of sugar. I made a label to help students understand how much 1 gram of sugar was equal to: ¼ teaspoon = 1 gram of sugar, or 1 teaspoon = 4 grams of sugar. A copy of Choose is also posted.

Purpose:The board was created to educate students on breakfast cereals and how to make good choices for a healthy breakfast. The board covers the Virginia SOL’s for grades 1-5, H1.2, 2.2, 3.1, 4.1 abcde and 5.2b, by having students identifying healthy foods and demonstrates how proper nutrition relates to a Healthy Lifestyle. Our school, as part of the USDA Healthier US School Challenge, and 35/10/35 rule, states foods will have no more than 35% calories from fat, 10% calories or less from saturated fat and 35% or fewer calories from sugar.

I printed a copy on line of current breakfast cereal comparisons and their sugar content in grams. To keep it simple, I concluded that cereals with 10 grams of sugar or less should be the recommendation, 6 grams or less is preferred. I then had students bring in empty boxes of cereal for us to review and use to decorate the bulletin board. By showing students the nutritional labels of the cereals they are eating and highlighting the sugar content they are able to see firsthand what they are consuming.

Additional Information:

During class I had students look at the nutrition labels from the boxes they had brought in. I highlighted the sugar (in grams) prior to the lesson on the boxes. I then explained to them that 1 gram of sugar was equal to ¼ teaspoon, thus 4 grams of sugar equaled 1 teaspoon. I used table sugar and a ¼ teaspoon to demonstrate how many actual teaspoons of sugar were in some of the “popular sugary” cereals and what a cereal with 6 grams looked like.

I have had many students and parents comment on their cereal choices. Many students are looking at the labels prior to purchasing now, which is really what the whole point of the lesson was on. I have extended the topic now to “breakfast foods” which has some students stirring, especially when “pop tarts” are mentioned.

How Much Sugar is In YOUR Cereal? Image

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Submitted by Karen Davis who teaches at Hickory Elementary School in Chesapeake, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/25/2012 9:09:20 AM. Viewed 11619 times since 3/6/2012.

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