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Title of Bulletin Board: Calcium: Building Strong Bones

Category: Nutrition

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials: Background paper, Title, Pictured cow decorations, construction paper, Human bone picture, fun food/exercise boarder, print out 6 riddles, and Milk,cheese, yogurt, broccoli, and pinto beans images


This bulletin board demonstrates 6 foods/drinks that are dairy and non-dairy products that are high in calcium. The theme of this bulletin board is, “Calcium: Building Strong Bones.” The 6 riddles I have attached below should be printed on white computer paper and glued nicely onto pink constructor paper, forming a highlighted boarder. Then stapled to the bulletin board only at the top of each riddle, allowing the student to still flip up to see the visual answer underneath. After reading the riddle the student is to then begin to think of the answer in their head. Once you think you know the correct answer flip the riddle upwards and you will find a picture of the item that the riddle was describing. You were right! The idea is to get all 6 riddles correct so that I know you have achieved the lesson. You are now able to clearly identify 6 major foods/drinks that are high in calcium, some being dairy and some non-dairy products, accommodating to those who may be lactose intolerant. Also there will be a picture of a human bone, showing the student all parts of a bone, and why it is important to eat and drink calcium enriched foods to build strong dense bones.

Ice Cream
This food is sweet and cold. It stays in the freezer.
It comes in many different flavors.
We eat it for snack or dessert.
What is it?

This food helps us have strong bones and teeth.
We eat it with a spoon. Sometimes we eat it with fruit.
You could eat this food for breakfast or for a snack.
It is made from milk.
What is it?

This drink comes from cows.
We drink it by itself or put it on cereal.
Sometimes it is in different flavors, like chocolate or strawberry.
What is it?

This food comes in chunks or slices.
We eat it with crackers or cooked with macaroni.
What is it?

Pinto beans
This food is special because it can fit in the vegetable group or the meat and beans group.
It grows in a pod.
It is round and reddish in color.
We eat it with rice or in soup.
What is it?

This is a green vegetable.
It looks like little trees.
What is it?

Calcium: Building Strong Bones Image

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