PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Mighty Mustangs Activity Incentives

Category: Motivation

Suggested Grade Level: 3-9

Materials: fuse/perler beads, a peg board, wax paper, iron, butcher paper


In 2001, the Texas state legislature passed Senate Bill 19 (SB 19), allowing the Texas State Board of Education to require elementary school children to participate in 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Since most kids only get to go to P.E. once a week, I came up with a system that helps motivate the kids and teachers to comply with SB 19. Making a bulletin board such as this one can also show your principal that you are providing a fun way to help the teachers follow the requirements along with giving your principal a way to see which teachers are in compliance.

For every lap each class walks/runs outside of P.E., either during recess or during another time of the school day, they earn one perler/fuse bead. The teachers are responsible for keeping track of the laps. Our school's mascot is a mustang, so each class' goal is to collect enough fuse beads to fill up a circle shaped peg board (about 170 beads). I add the letter "m" to the finished circles to make it look like M&M's (the initials representing the Mighty Mustangs). Each class can pick the color of beads they want to collect and I'll store them as they go. Place a sheet of wax paper on a filled up peg board and iron them for 10-20 seconds to melt them together. Display each completed M&M on a board with the teacher's name on it.

There are many different shapes of peg boards for fuse beads. You can create many different mascots. S&S Worldwide ( sells reasonably priced combination packages of beads and boards.

Mighty Mustangs Activity Incentives Image

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