PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Fuel Your Performance

Category: Fitness

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials: Colored Letters, glue, fitness information


This bulletin board is meant for students to see the 3 major nutrients they need when they are active. This bulletin board is split into before, during, and after activities. Before activity: "Crucial Carbs" using each letter as an acronym. During would be hydration, and after "Post Protein."

On the bottom is a question and answer: Brown cow vs. white cow. Showing that chocolate milk is a great after workout substance because it gives you a perfect balance of carbohydrates and protein.

C= Carbs consumed 1 hr before (can be in liquid form)
R= Rice! Preferably whole grain
U= Utilized glycogen (stored carbs) need to be replenished after exercise
C= Choose carbs that are high in fiber
I= Ingesting carbs before exercise will keep you energized throughout your workout
A= Activity needs carbs to stay continuously energized.
L= Lengthy bouts of exercise over 45 minutes require refueling of carbs (as through sports drinks)

C= Consume carbs 2-3 hours before exercise
A= Apples are a healthy source of carbohydrates
R= Remember that carbs give you ENERGY
B= Bread! Preferably whole wheat
S= Sweet Potato! A healthy carb, with a lot of Vitamins

Water Droplet: Drink water before during and after exercise. You should consume 4-6 oz of fluids every 15 minutes of exercise. Thirst is not an adequate stimulus to drink... it's an initial sign of dehydration. Fluids and electrolytes are lost during activity through sweat.

P= Peanut butter
O= Optimal hair, nails, and skin come from protein
S= Skinless Chicken
T= Tuna

P= Provides you body with essential amino acids
R= Replace protein right after exercise
O= Oppose saturated fatty foods after a workout
T= To build muscle, your body needs protein
E= Eggs
I= Intense exercise damages muscles, protein, repairs muscle
N= Nuts, legumes, chic peas!

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