PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Commit to get F.I.T.T.

Category: Fitness

Suggested Grade Level: 3-12

Materials: Bulletin board paper, border, die-cast letters, laminated clipart or photos


Because PE at our school is held just twice weekly it is very important for students to have a working knowledge of how to gain and maintain an acceptable level of physical fitness during school and outside of class. Ultimately, it's the students who are in charge of their own health, not their teachers. Thus, the F.I.T.T. principles are VERY important for students to understand.

Although the entire bulletin board is visible to students during PE class, PE is often held outside. And, because the bulletin board displays so much information small whiteboards with F.I.T.T. principles are shown and discussed during the course of a five-week period introducing one letter per week using the following schedule:

Week 1: F - Frequency (How OFTEN you exercise)
Week 2: I - Intensity (How HARD you exercise)
Week 3: T - Time (How LONG you exercise)
Week 4: T - Type (What KIND of exercise)
Week 5: An ACTIVITY LOG example with all four principles is displayed during this culminating week of instruction. Students must identify which letter should be the heading of each column. After this five-week period, students can then be introduced to activity logs if applicable.

Commit to get F.I.T.T. Image

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Submitted by Steve Shelton who teaches at Christiansburg Elementary School in Christiansburg, VA. Additional authors for this idea were Claire Schumacher, Radford University. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/23/2011 6:46:57 PM. Viewed 15993 times since 2/19/2011.

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