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Title of Bulletin Board: Get on the Right Road of Life

Category: Health

Suggested Grade Level: 5-8

Materials: pictures, words, info boxes, poster, car cut outs, traffic light cut out


This bulletin board focuses on saying "No" to drugs, and seeing how advertisements try to make drinking and smoking look cool to teenagers. On the left side of the board are ways to handle peer pressure to do drugs or drink. On the right side of the board are pictures of people smoking and drinking questioning the reader to see if they think smoking or drinking is really cool. The theme of the board is staying on the right road of life so there are cars, stop lights and road signs to encourage teens to choose to be drug and alcohol free.

Info boxes:
Saying "no" to your friends can be very hard sometimes. You may be afraid of what they'll think of you if you don't go along with them. Here is a good way to say "no" and still be cool.
1. Say what the problem is (that's mean, or, that's illegal, etc.).
2. Say what the consequences are.
3. Suggest something to do instead.
4. If your friends insist on doing it anyway, leave. But leave the door open for them to change their minds and join you.

Prepare in advance for a possible pressure situation

• Think ahead and try to anticipate possible problems.
• Decide in advance what you intend to do.
• Think of some good ways to handle the situation if it arises, or some good ways to avoid the situation altogether.

The primary way tobacco companies are able to target teens is through image. Teens are highly susceptible to marketing that gives them promises of being cool, sexy, alluring, or rugged. By creating these images and associating them with smoking, tobacco companies can convince teens that if they choose to smoke it will help them become more popular, fit in, look mature, or just be cool.

Additional Information:

Get on the Right Road of Life Image

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