PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Happy Healthy Choices

Category: Health

Suggested Grade Level: K-8

Materials: Bulletin Board- 3 fold


The Healthy Happy Choices Bulletin Board represents an artistic approach to health and wellness. This poster can be used for class lessons; Including discussions,Commercials with the board, a hands on approach to teaching health and wellness and interventions. The poster describes the three important times to brush your teeth and wash your hands. Children hopefully are taught this at home, and the poster board makes a world of fun out of simple healthy choices we can do everyday to be healthier. I also took the time to add different foods such as a beet do change the normal diet up a bit, and for students to ask, “What is that thing.” I think it was important not to label the beet for student reaction. I have also added some Spanish into the poster with the use of a chicken. I added “El Pollo” next to the chicken for representation of a broader perspective on health. I purposely left out red meat for the meat category and beans. Beans was the only food group I left out because of space constraints, although I can always add beans, we can ask our students, “What food groups are missing?”, for further discussion. Overall I had a fun time painting and I really just got lost because I was having so much fun illustrating and hoping to catch a few eyes. I will use this poster for as long as I educate, so I thought it was important to go all out for this poster.

This poster is about as tall as a average k-1st grader so it is also a manipulative. This meaning they can hold it, touch it, pick it up, and use it for commercials, and advertising, pretending to be all for it. Help the students get to know the poster, have it out before or during class just to have around.

I made this board for a class at UNCWilmington, taught by Dr. John Bennett. Our class was given time to construct many lesson's that can incorporate health. Also, this board can be used in other teachers classroom for English learning, and spelling. It can be a literacy resource for health for the entire school.

Happy Healthy Choices Image

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Submitted by Jordan Weber who teaches at UNCWiLmington in wilmington, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/31/2010 11:57:09 PM. Viewed 8756 times since 5/6/2010.

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Jordan Weber

Go, ahead, try painting something, your students will be obsessed with your work, good or bad...It also convinces you why we do this as health educators. Art and health education can come together with creativity and imagination! I have used this board with k-5th and highschool special needs classes. I have even had students use the board and make a commercial with the board. Students can pick the board up, touch it with their hands and quickly understand the point of the piece.