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Title of Bulletin Board: If you can Dream it, You can Win it.

Category: Olympics

Suggested Grade Level: K-8

Materials: Bulletin board paper, snowflake cut outs, letter cut outs, and construction paper.


This was created in order to prepare and motivate students for their upcoming Winter Olympic unit. I created the Emblem as a 3-dimensional figure to teach students what it is and what it means.For centuries the Inuit have stacked rocks—sometimes into human forms—to create "Inukshuk", which act as guideposts for people traversing the vast tundra.The Vancouver 2010 emblem is dubbed "Ilanaaq", or friend, in an Inuit language as an "eternal expression of the hospitality of a nation that warmly welcomes the people of the world with open arms every day". I used the quote from one of the Olympic commercials to motivate and inspire students to try their best, "If you Dream it, You can Win it." As students walk into the gym, I play the Olympic theme song. Throughout the unit, I teach about the history of the Olympics, the sporting events, and geographical locations.

If you can Dream it, You can Win it. Image

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Submitted by Angela Weikel who teaches at Linden Elementary School in Doylestown, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/14/2010 1:03:30 PM. Viewed 7367 times since 2/12/2010.

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