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Cooperative Fitness Challenge Videos

The following videos are presented to show administrators and children how to perform each of the Fitness Challenges. These will of great help when figuring it out how to set each challenge up and children will find them helpful as a demonstration of how to do each challenge.

NOTE: These video DO NOT show every challenge being 100% successfully completed as several of the videos show small infractions by the children that would justify it being done over.

Cooperative Fitness Challenge Trailer

Demonstrations of each of Fitness Challenges

Click here for the written descriptions of how to do each Challenge

Partner Sit Up Throw & Catch (Written Description)
Partner Jumping Jacks (Written Description)
Crab Walk Bean Bag Pick Up (Written Description)
The Frogger (Squat Thrusts/Burpees) (Written Description)
Partner Plank Taps (Written Description)
On the Move Throw & Catch (Written Description)

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