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Cooperative Fitness Challenge Task Description: Frogger (e.g., squat thrusts, burpees)

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Challenge Task: Frogger

Fitness component: Cardiovascular endurance

Full description of challenge task:

This is an individual challenge. The child must complete 20 froggers (i.e., squat thrusts without a full push up in it) in 50 seconds. Students will need to start over if they do incomplete froggers (like not jumping up at the top of the frogger) or they do not complete all 20 in the allotted time.

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Quick description:

Individual Challenge: Individual must perform 20 squat thrusts in 50 seconds. Must jump up at end and child can move.



Bullet point description:

  • Individual challenge
  • Complete 20 froggers in 50 seconds
  • Child can move forward. They do not have to stay in the same place.
  • If they do not jump up at end of each frogger then they need to start over

Equipment Needed:

  • Timer

What constitutes starting the challenge over:

  • If child does not jump up at end of each frogger.
  • Child not completing all 20 froggers in 50 seconds.
  • Child not extending their legs out behind them completely.


Making the challenge more difficult:

  • Increase the number of froggers (e.g., more than 20)
  • Decrease the time
  • Don’t allow kids to move by requiring them to stay on a spot or hands behind a line
  • Have them do a push up when they are going down to the ground before kicking legs out

Making the challenge easier:

  • Increase the number of seconds
  • Decrease the number of froggers
  • Do not require them to jump up at the end


  • Kids will want to move forward during the challenge. That is not a problem.
  • Have the timer call out the time at intervals of 15 seconds.
  • Have the time count for the child.

Teaching Cues

  • Pace yourself. Do not go to fast at start
  • Jump up at end
  • Keep eyes up
  • Kick legs out behind you

Adapting for children with disabilities:

We encourage you to adapt any of the tasks to meet the needs of any of the children participating in the Cooperative Fitness Challenge, including any children with disabilities. Feel free to use the child's IEP or use any of the variations we list here to assist you.

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