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Cooperative Fitness Challenge Task Description: On the Move Throw and Catch

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Challenge Task: On the Move Throw and Catch

Fitness component: Cardiovascular endurance

Full description of challenge task:

This is a partner challenge. Have the two children face each other at least 15 feet apart. They must be standing behind a line of some sort. On the go signal the children must make 25 successful throws and catches in 60 seconds while moving back and forth between the lines. The children alternate places and must throw and catch the ball behind the line. The ball choice is up to the child and/or teacher. If the ball hits floor or the throw or catch is not made behind the line the challenge is over. If the children do not complete the 25 throws in 60 seconds the challenge is over.

Videos and Pictures:


on the move throw and catch

Quick description:

Partner Challenge: From a distance of 15 feet 2 children throw a ball back & forth 25 times while alternating places. Catches and throws behind line.

Bullet point description:

  • Partner challenge
  • Children are 15 feet apart standing behind a line
  • Children throw and catch a ball 25 times. Throws and catches must be behind the line
  • They must complete in 60 seconds
  • Children alternate and take each others place while throwing and catching

Equipment Needed:

  • Floor tape or cone to mark distance
  • Choices of objects to throw and catch. Suggestions:  4-6 inch gator skin ball, yarn ball, whiffle ball, Nerf football, rubber chicken, beanbag


on the move throw and catch

What constitutes starting the challenge over:

  • Child drops ball (i.e., ball hits ground)
  • Child does not throw or catch from behind the line
  • Children do not complete 25 throws and catches in 60 seconds


Making the challenge more difficult:

  • Increase the distance between partners.
  • Increase number of throws and catches.
  • Complete challenge while both children are hopping or jumping
  • Mandate a tougher ball to throw and catch. Smaller balls can make this challenge more difficult. Balls that cannot be squeezed, like gator skin balls, are tougher to catch as well.

Making the challenge easier:

  • Decrease the number of successful throws and catches
  • Decrease the distance between children


  • Keep an eye on the line as kids will have a tendency to not throw and catch behind the line
  • The more accurate throw the easier it is to complete this task.
  • Have the kids choose the ball they want to use.

Teaching Cues

  • Make accurate throws to your partner
  • Throw and catch behind the line
  • Eyes on partner
  • Don’t go to fast
  • Throw underhand

Adapting for children with disabilities:

We encourage you to adapt any of the tasks to meet the needs of any of the children participating in the Cooperative Fitness Challenge, including any children with disabilities. Feel free to use the child's IEP or use any of the variations we list here to assist you.

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